Why MyFactor?
MyFactor will transform the way your common property is managed

Very few homeowners today are happy with their property factor. They want answers to questions such as:

  • How do I know a quotation for a repair is competitive?

  • How can I be sure the work has been done?

  • Has the work been done properly?

  • Why is my factor charging me £40 to send me a letter!?

The illegal activities of some factors has led to the creation of a register of property factors in Scotland. This will help curb the worst excesses of the "cowboys", but will do little to improve what is basically poor service.

The aim of MyFactor is to provide a targeted social networking app and a set of property management tools that allow you, the property owner, to take control of how your property is managed.


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. MyFactor gives you a wide range of ways to communicate with your fellow homeowners, and your factor, including a Message Board, Email and a Voting Centre.

Structure and Privacy

MyFactor gives you a structured and private network without the anarchy and privacy concerns of recreational social networks such as Facebook or MySpace. Registration on MyFactor involves the additional security of a letter sent to the user's address - on MyFactor you can be sure of who you're communicating with.

Transparency and Control

MyFactor uses the methods of social networking, combined with targeted tools, to introduce efficiency and transparency into the antiquated property factoring sector. You decide what work should be carried out, who's going to do it and when. Easily track any work on your property and confirm that it's been carried out.

Peace of Mind

The openness and transparency of MyFactor mean you’ll always know what’s going on – irrespective of which factoring approach you choose. No more unexpected repairs and surprise bills – you are in control.

Reduce your costs!

With MyFactor you can control the number one concern of most home owners - costs. You'll be able to request quotations from contractors and find out what's a reasonable cost for a job from other MyFactor users. You'll more easily be able to decide if the work really needs to be done at all.

Protect your rights

MyFactor is the ideal system for ensuring your rights as a homeowner are observed: for example in choosing which companies provide repair services.

Quality of Service

Through MyFactor you can find out which tradespeople and contractors to use. Who's most reliable? Who does the best job? Who's cheapest?

Because MyFactor is a controlled social network you'll be more informed about the source of any recommendations. Just as important, any recommendations for tradespeople will usually come from a group of property owners - so you can be sure they're genuine.