Features for the Trade

Features for the Trade
Everything you need to improve your service

The early releases of MyFactor will provide features allowing homeowners and tradespeople to communicate. As MyFactor develops, more features designed to help the trade improve their service will be incorporated.

Although the focus of MyFactor is on helping homeowners, a key aspect of this is helping factors deliver a good service. MyFactor also gives some protection to the trade by providing a centralised record of all interactions with homeowners.

Message Board

Private message boards can be created by each group of homeowners, providing an ideal way to keep them updated on the progress of any job.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is great for urgent messages, and is also useful for communicating with homeowners. A text message can be sent to a group on the MyFactor system - making it visible on their PCs. Text messaging is also useful for communicating with homeowners who aren't online.


Email will be a familiar tool and is a common way to communicate. Each group of properties on MyFactor gets their own email address: e.g. if the group of homeowners has chosen the name "26mainstreet" then their email address would be 26mainstreet@myfactor.co.uk. Email has problems - in particular it's unstructured nature means that it's not much use for keeping track of issues.

Document Creation

MyFactor provides a basic on-line word processor that is more than adequate for producing letters, quotes and most other documents. Documents can even be generated from a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to keep up to date while on the move.

Document Control

Keeping track of letters, quotations and invoices is difficult without a system like MyFactor. All documents created by you can be copied to the system.