MyFactor for the Trade

MyFactor for the Trade

The Closed Factoring Market

The property factoring market is generally closed to the average tradesperson. Factors tend to use a fixed group of companies with the homeowner being allowed little influence, even although they are perfectly within their rights to specify which contractor should be used. MyFactor aims to blow this market wide open. If you provide a high quality service then it is the ultimate in word-of-mouth. A recommendation through MyFactor comes from a group of people – something that gives prospective customers much greater confidence in its value.

No Hidden Costs

Access to MyFactor for tradespeople costs only £6/month per user - there are no other costs. We do not take a cut of any work you win through MyFactor - all financial dealings are between you and the homeowner.


By joining MyFactor you also get membership of the WorkConnect system - giving you access to homeowners who are not part of communal dwellings. If you are already signed up to WorkConnect then you can link your account to MyFactor free of charge.

Self-Factor or Factored

Most homeowners are unaware that they have the right to specify which contractor carries out the work on their property - even if they have a factor.